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Pressure Independent Balancing Control Valve

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Frese OPTIMA Compact pressure independent balancing & control valve (PIBCV) is
used in heating and cooling systems in applications with Fan Coil Units, Chilled Beams
or other terminal unit applications.

Frese OPTIMA Compact provides modulating control with full authority regardless of
any fluctuations in the differential pressure of the system.

Frese OPTIMA Compact combines an externally adjustable automatic balancing valve,
a differential pressure control valve and a full authority modulating control valve.

Frese OPTIMA Compact makes it simple to achieve 100% control of the water flow in
the building, while creating high comfort and energy savings at the same time. An
additional benefit is that no balancing is required if further stages are added to the
system, or if the dimensioned capacity is changed.

Energy saving due to optimal control, lower flow and pump pressure. Maximized ΔT
due to faster response and increased system stability.

Frese OPTIMA Compact can be flushed and commissioned before the actuator is installed.

The presetting of the dial is user-friendly requiring only a simple flow vs. presetting graph.

Once the flow is set, the actuator can be mounted and the valve ready to operate.

For lowest energy consumption, check the differential pressure at the index valve to set the pump at minimum speed.

Electro mechanical actuators
The actuator can be operated manually with the help of a
3mm hex key.

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Operation principle

The innovative design of Frese OPTIMA Compact features a modulating control component that retains 100% authority at all times. With the Frese OPTIMA Compact, there are two independent movements for the presetting and the modulating function. During presetting, the inlet area moves radially without interfering with the length of the stroke. During modulating, the inlet area moves axial taking advantage of the full stroke. Whilst the control component provides proportional modulation irrespective of the preset flow, the automatic balancing guarantees that the flow will never exceed the maximum preset flow. Regardless of pressure fluctuations in the system, the maximum flow is kept constant up to a maximum differential pressure of 400kPa.

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