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CLA-VAL e-Power IP

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e-Power IP 16 W @ 12 V and/or 24 V

1 - The e-Power IP is fitted in by-pass around a valve using the hydraulic
energy of the system
2 - Generates 16 Watts with ΔP = 6 mhd at 50 l/min
3 - 12 V and 24 V (Step-up) Output
4 - Autonomous system low voltage combined with a 12 V / 3.5 Ah lead
acid battery
5 - Differential pressure control is incorporated within the e-Power IP
6 - Automatic shutdown of the e-Power IP when battery is fully charged

Systems powered by the
e-Power IP:

• CLA-VAL e-Drive-33
remote pressure control
• CLA-VAL e-CPC valve
position control
• Sensors
• GSM devices
• HMI Interfaces
• PLC systems
• Pilot controls

• The e-Power IP uses the pressure drop across
the valve to produce 16 W of power
• Autonomous low voltage system combined
with a 12 V-24 V / 3.5 Ah lead battery
• Only requires a Differential pressure of 6 mhd
with a Flow of 50 l/min

The CLA-VAL e-Power IP is an electrical generator using
available hydraulic energy directly from the water
distribution network. The e-Power IP is installed into the
bypass of the CLA-VAL valve.

The e-Power IP combines an electrical generator, a
solenoid bypass shut-off allowing a complete stop of the
e-Power IP and a hydraulic differential pressure
The electrical box combines a 12 V / 3.5 Ah
rechargeable battery and an electronic charge
management system.

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Electrical box assembly and mounting

The electrical box contains the printed circuit board (PCB) and a rechargeable battery.
The PCB is factory wired. The user wires the output voltage 12 V and/or 24 V only.
The battery alarm level is a dry contact switch which closes when a preset critical voltage is reached (factory preset at 11.5 V).
Fitted with factory rechargeable battery. This is a gel type lead acid battery and totally maintenance-free.
The three stator generator and bi-stable solenoid mounted on the turbine body are connected to the generator terminal. As an option a second bi-stable solenoid can also be connected to the same terminal.
This second solenoid enables, for example, a valve to fully open when the turbine has completed the battery charging cycle (CLA-VAL 250-03 is a typical valve requiring this option).

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